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More than 20 years of writing for construction magazines and websites. Here are some links to published articles, blog posts and a couple of books.

Current Projects Like most builders / remodelers I have a projects at different phases at any one time.  Every one presents challenges, covers me with dust and a leads to a few new scars.

We retain what we learn best when it's interactive. No matter how good the written word or video, we absorb more when we watch and can ask questions; especially skill related learning. Every year I get the opportunity to teach students and pros construction techniques at trade shows, lumberyards and schools around North America.

Cool Tools

A carpenter's nothing without his/her tools. The most cleaver tools are invented by workers in field. Here are some tools you may not have seen before that make the job a little easier. (still under construction)

Shingle Design

I love cedar shingle siding. I like the shingle look, I like installing shingles and I like the patterns I can create with shingles. Can you tell I'm from coastal New England ?

Other Stuff

It may not have fit in an article or ended up on the shop floor. Perhaps someone will find the info useful.

Mikes Favorites

A link list that's bound to grow.


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